Sherry is a true learner and sharer, a leader and a mirror into fearlessness, moving people to move- out of their comfort zones and into the fire for healing. She does so with the heart of a warrior, and the touch of the mother. Reminding us every step of the way that we are Already Whole, and that Everyone is the Guru.

Sherry's vision is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for the teachings of yoga to find us in our everyday lives, to support a stronger and inclusive community, where we learn to honor and heal ourselves and our beautiful natural world around us, and mostly to be curious about and enjoy this journey called life in the process!

Sherry returns people to their inner earth and speaks not only to the person, but to the soul within. She has a strong desire to "go there", and lovingly urges others to go with her. She believes greatly in the ancient teachings of yoga and how they seamlessly apply to modern living, our relationships and everyday life; and that the science of yoga in its' fullness is a sacred path for healing, harmony and balance.

Sherry believes that within each of us lives a fierce and compassionate warrior of the heart, with great purpose for being here on earth; that each of us wants to do more than just simply exist in the day to day. She trusts our human capacity to heal, sharing that well-being is for everyone to experience in this time of Now. She helps us realize this by exercising the yoga teachings within our physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual bodies in every practice. With form, she says, comes freedom.

Sherry believes in the power of intellectual movement within the body as a vehicle for self realizing and actualizing. When we are given a nonjudgmental opportunity to meet our inner rhythms, instincts, fears, excitement, challenges and sweet spots, we are curious, informed and devoted to carry this self knowing into our lives. Effort and ease, sweat and stillness; together will guide us home.

She believes in the uplifting quality of camaraderie, friendship and group activity, bringing a sense of community into all of her offerings through practices, conversation and connectedness. She teaches we are stewards of this planet, and as we foster a sense of Oneness in smaller circles, we are empowered to ripple outward beyond the yoga practice, to Co-create a most loving world.


Sherry weaves in the spirit, magic and integrity of the yoga teachings, shamanism and the practice of self-awareness without taking it all too seriously. Each practice is a celebration of life itself. 


Her sharings bridge ancient yoga wisdom to modern day living in a relatable and accessible way. Encompassing yoga as holistic science, she teaches all five points of the yogic star - Hatha (postures & breath work), Jhana (study of the ancient texts), Karma (the yoga of service), Bhakti (devotional yoga) and Raja (meditation) - with passion, reverence and sense of humor. Sherry communicates easily how the practices offer us tools for transmuting and coping with day to day living and continuously offers us opportunities to make these connections for ourselves. 


With Sherry's respectful guidance, true transformation and the courage to step out of comfort zones and step into our own healing is called forward. Sherry skillfully crafts an environment for us to kindly track feelings, down to the deepest wounds, so that we listen to what they have to teach us about our lives and purpose for being here. Sherry teaches - through physical movement, meditations, mantra and chanting, self study, group connection and breath work - to honor what shows up first, and follows that with tools to transmute our limitations and transform them into strength we need for greater truth-living and returning to our true nature. 


While this is a worthy journey within itself, Sherry urges that living yoga asks that we take our truth, and openly share it with others "for the greater good of all". Without sharing, Sherry teaches, we can get lost in our ego selves and spiritually bypass. When we ask ourselves: What is my purpose? What am I really here to do?", we are forced to see ourselves within the greater Whole. As stewards of the planet, we are co-creators of a new, more loving world.