"...Sherry Sidoti is Living Yoga! And, the FLY Yoga Teacher Training is the best yoga experience I have ever had. Sherry's teaching style comes from a genuine well of knowledge, path-walking, heart, and wisdom. She is the "real deal", earnestly answering the call of her dharma in a way that is instrumental in healing the planet, and assisting all of us in opening our heart-minds to authentic being. Lucky are the souls whose journey finds them under Sherry's tutelage!" 
Kimberley Rome
Founder of Get Whispered and Move to the Love
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The practice of yoga asks us to “live in the layers” of our selves and our every day lives. Sherry teaches that yoga in and of itself does not add anything to us or  “improve” us. Instead, a devoted practice of yoga helps us to shed the many layers of protection and life experiences that we have used to cover up from our true Selves and connect to the already complete, centered, lovable and fiercely capable version thats exists within us.


"Subject to alchemic process; techniques for metamorphosis"