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Life - in all its fullness and messiness - is a sacred path.

Sherry Sidoti

Together let's...

… Unhook from Shame

… Heal from Trauma in body & spirit

… Walk our Sacred Path

… Embody Self-Love

… Cultivate Healthy Relationships

… Live our Creativity and Joy

… Befriend our Body

… Harness the monkey mind-stuff

… and so much more!


Hi, I’m Sherry… a mom, yoga teacher, author, and facilitator of soul-affirming experiences.


I believe within each of us lives a warrior of the heart with great purpose for being here on planet earth. We deserve more than to simply exist in the day to day! With the right guidance, be it through movement, gatherings, or the written word, I believe physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual healing is not only possible, but our birthright. I have a strong desire to "go there", and I lovingly urge you to come with me. 


As my grandpa Stanley said, “Live in the layers, not on the litter!”.

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