Residential Intimate Teacher Training Immersions on Martha's Vineyard
 200 Hour YTT
January 11-20th & April 12-21st, 2019
Tuition $3,300 | Payment Plans
YTT limited to 15 people max

FLY Yoga School Teacher Training celebrates the profound teachings of yoga, and the practice of yoga as a tool for inner and outer evolution.


The Program is offered once yearly in the Nest of Martha's Vineyard.


The training time will compile about 180 of your 200+ hour certification. The additional 20 hours will be spent observing, assisting and practicing yoga classes, reading, study and written assignments, Seva/karma yoga, self-practice and practice teaching outside the training. Colleagues in the field will offer specialized sessions.

300/500 HOUR ADVANCED YOGA STUDIES PROGRAM: Stay tuned, coming soon

FLY Yoga Advanced Yoga Studies takes your yoga study and living to the next level. Two, ten day modules, monthly online satsang sessions, plus an independent study of choice that add up to 300 additional hours to certify you as a 500 hour Experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. The two modules will be an exploration of Yoga Philosophy, Authentic Teaching Practicum in the subject areas of focus, Taking the Seat of the Teacher, Yoga Techniques & Personal Practice, Living Yoga in the Everyday, Anatomy Exploration within our five bodies (koshas), Yoga of Business/Business of Yoga, Yoga as Service/Creating Inclusive and Adaptable Collaborative Programs.  This training is for everyone who is certified at the 200 hour level who is genuinely interested in expanding their honest voice as a yoga teacher and yogic living. Full participation in the program required for certification. 



“...Sherry teaches from the roots of the yoga experience.  I feel secure and grounded in my practice and my sharing of yoga because my learning is sunk deep down in my earth.  That is Sherry’s emphasis-what is true for me, not the pose, but the person.   The FLY Yoga Teacher Training is an opportunity to feel your own truth, and to offer it.” 
Kimberly Cartwright, Founder, OM of Motion Studio

200 hour Program


200 hour Program

$1350 ($675/session, 2 sessions)

(Room sharing usually is with 2-3 people per room)


PLAN A: Payment in full 

200 hour Program 
Tuition only: $3,300

With housing: $4,650

Housing optional.

All housing must be paid in full ($1,350) or

30 days prior to each session ($675/session) 

PLAN B: 3 month payment plan

200 hour Program

Tuition: 3 monthly payments of $1,125

Housing optional.

All housing must be paid in full ($1,350) or

30 days prior to each session ($675/session) 

PLAN C: 6 month payment plan

200 hour Program

Tuition: 6 monthly payments of $575

Housing optional.

All housing must be paid in full ($1,350) or

30 days prior to each session ($675/session) 

Yoga Teacher Training takes place at a private retreat in West Tisbury, just a few minutes from Cedar Tree Neck Beach on the North Shore of the Island.


The retreat center sleeps up to 13.  For more details and to reserve your space, please fill out the application and we will be in touch shortly!

200 Hour Program


Philosophy & Psychology

Yoga Sutras & Everyday Living

The Bhagavad Gita: Purpose, Service and Devotion

The Sound & Symbol of OM

The Gunas: the Nature of All Things

The Five Koshas or “bodies”

Yoga Psychology: The Five Kleshas, 9 Rasas, Human Vessels

The Five Pointed Star: Jhana, Raja, Karma, Bhakti & Hatha

Yoga & Nutrition: Sister Sciences


Asana/Postures & Anatomy


Names, Alignment, Safety



Assisting, Hands-on and Energetic

Anatomy of the Spine & Skeletal System

Anatomy of Movement, Joints & Muscles

The Brain, Meditation and Yoga

Psoas Muscle 


Role of the Teacher & Teaching Skills 

Personal Sadhana/Practice as the Pillar of Teaching

Creating Community & Inclusiveness


Teaching as an Authentic Sharer of Yoga


Can't take the Mystical/Spiritual Out


Intention or “Sankalpa”


Seeing, Feeling & Moving Energy


Creating Ritual


Working with Private Clients


Teaching Workshops & Retreats


The Business of Yoga/The Yoga of Business


Specialized Yoga 


Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga

Adaptive Yoga for Levels


Yoga & Community Outreach


Subtle Body Practices







Mantra & Meaning




Chakras, Marmas, Nadis 


Organs & Emotions


Joints & Emotions


Psoas Muscle of the Soul


7:30-9:30am: Morning Practice
10:00-12:30pm: Morning Session
2:00-4:00pm: Afternoon Session
6:00-8:30pm; Practice & Evening Session 

(schedule subject to change) 

Some of these sessions will be excursions to places around the Island: beaches, nature walks, town, etc