200 Hour Yoga Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training


2022 Dates TBD

Online & In-person on Martha's Vineyard

Limited to 15 people 

FLY Yoga School Teacher Training celebrates the profound teachings of yoga, and the practice of yoga as a tool for inner and outer evolution. Yoga Alliance certified in 2010, FLY Yoga School was founded by Director and Lead teacher, Sherry Sidoti, who has led this training for 15+ sessions, training over 200 students around the world, and embodies 20 years of personal study and practice of yoga in its various forms; in addition to earth-based teachings, elemental energy and other healing arts. 


At FLY Yoga School, our vision is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for the teachings of yoga to find us in our everyday lives, to support a stronger and inclusive community, where we learn to honor and heal ourselves and our beautiful natural world around us, and mostly to be curious about and enjoy this journey called life in the process!

FLY Yoga School is a life affirming journey for the body, mind & soul— a walk home to your nature, and re-evolution for your life! You do not have to want to teach yoga— just a willingness to show up for yourself and others, be open and present to the experience, and desire to understand and practice the yoga teachings to digest them for truth-living. 


The FLY program and curriculum focuses on three main threads:


At FLY, we bridge ancient yoga wisdom to modern day living in a relatable and accessible way. Encompassing yoga as holistic science, we learn all five points of the yogic star - Hatha (postures & breath work), Jhana (study of the ancient texts), Karma (the yoga of service), Bhakti (devotional yoga) and Raja (meditation) - with passion, reverence and sense of humor. Sherry communicates easily how the practices offer us tools for transmuting and coping with day to day living and continuously offers us opportunities to make these connections for ourselves. 


With respectful guidance, true transformation and the courage to step out of comfort zones and step into our own healing is called forward. At the training, we skillfully craft a safe environment to kindly track experiences, down to the deepest wounds, so that we listen to what they have to teach us about our lives and purpose for being here. Sherry teaches - through physical movement, meditations, mantra and chanting, self study, group connection and breath work - that the most advanced practice is always to honor what shows up first, and follows that with yogic tools to transmute our limitations and transform them into strength we need for greater truth-living and returning to our true nature. 


While this is a worthy journey within itself, at FLY we take our truth, and learn how to openly share it with others "for the greater good of all". Whether that be as a yoga teacher, or in our day to day relations, without the sharing piece, Sherry teaches, we can get lost in our ego selves and spiritually bypass. When we ask ourselves: What is my purpose? What am I really here to do?", we are forced to see ourselves within the greater Whole. As stewards of the planet, we are co-creators of a new, more loving world. 

At FLY, through study, group discussion, and experience, we put into an ongoing practice the following: 

  • Group Yoga Practices & Reflections of Practice

  • Teaching Skills & Authentic Sharing

  • Posture, Alignment & Sequencing

  • Anatomy & Body Wisdom: Physical, Energetic, Mental-Emotional, Intuitive & Soul

  • Philosophy, Psychology & Yoga of Life


Between sessions participants do some personal study; including reading, reflecting, a 40-day Sadhana/Self Practice, take/observe/assist classes wherever they are located/or online, and practice teaching. We commune online once monthly for a workshop and check-in session.

Tuition: Tuition is $3,450 with at $750 deposit. Three and six month payment plans are offered. Please inquire. 

Cancellation Policy: Please note the cancellation policy and thank you in advance for respecting the need to have one in place. All tuition deposits of $750 are non-refundable. If you cancel within 30-7 days of the start date, 50% of what you have paid for tuition (above the deposit) will be reimbursed. Thereafter we will not be able to reimburse you for payment.