July Mock Dock Yoga - Register With a Friend and Save!

July Mock Dock Yoga - Register With a Friend and Save!

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July Mock Dock Yoga Series:

Yoga for Outer & Inner Alignment, an 8 class series

July 7 - 30th, 2020

Tuesdays and Thursdays
6-7:00 AM*

*Or choose On Demand access to each class for 48 hours

In this July series, we will emphasize an outside-in approach to alignment. Each class will begin with a moderate wake-up flow, and then lean towards a peak pose. We explore the many aspects that influence the way we move, from natural body type and bone proportions to our moods, physical practice space, even our worldview and belief systems. Through our exploration of alignment towards a specific pose, we practice that alignment in our body and breath translates to aligning with our minds, hearts, relations and daily living.
July 7th: The 5 Movements of the Spine: Aligning with our Physical Practice Space
July 9th: Standing Warriors: Bones, Musculature & Proportion
July 14th: Side Bends & Twists: Our Worldview & How We Move 
July 16th: Finding a Comfortable Seat: Tension & Self Study
July 21st: Back Bends & Forward Folds: Compression & My Why?
July 23rd: Inversions: Points of Orientation & Purpose
July 28th: Standing Balances: Can I Get  Witness?
July 30th: Hip Opening: Inside-out Perception


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