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"Knock on wood"

Did you know that the term "knock on wood" comes from the ancient belief that every tree is inhabited by a spirit? The act of knocking on wood was practiced by priestesses to summon the tree spirit to either fulfill a wish, support decision-making, or ward off evil.

The next time you knock on wood, remember that you are asking the spirits of the trees for guidance...

This photograph by Eli Dagostino was taken at a very tumultuous crossroads in my life. On the brink of a separation and single-mothering, I was off kilter, uncentered, and unsure of what was going to come next. Yet at the same time equally grounded in my choices and journey ahead.

Falling Tree Pose, Vrikshasana. As many poses are named after an element of nature, so that we may better connect to our own inner nature, our own inner spirit. Tree pose helps us to embody the qualities of a tree...(not imitate a tree). To me, trees are deep beings, they get better with age, rooted, steady, connected to earth, growing, uplifted, centered, and offer sustenance to others. All the qualities I seek when I am in moments of uncertainty.

Sometimes we are the roots, sometimes the tree. Sometimes the hand balled in the fist and we ask for guidance, knock on wood.

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