August Mock Dock Yoga Series:

Keeping it Simple with Sherry Sidoti
8 class series
August 4-27, 2020
LIVE ONLINE Tuesdays and Thursdays
6-7:00 AM EST
On Demand: recordings of each class will be available to practice on-demand for one week to participants

“Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.” 

― Pete Seeger


In this month-long series, we will keep things simple by practicing classical yoga to bring us to our seat to meditate. Each 60 minute class will begin with several minutes of guided breathing, hatha salutations, the twelve basic postures in the Sivananda tradition (with variations offered), and end with a suggested “way in” to five minutes of seated meditation.


Through repetition of the same sequence for each class, we can take the guessing of “what’s next?” out of the way and open to each moment as it comes. Let’s explore how the familiarity of a patterned practice can be a welcomed lasso to harness a busy mind.


Roll out your mat with me in your favorite indoor or outdoor spot, we'll meet via zoom. We will practice to the soundtrack of our own breath, thus no playlists for this series.


8 class series August 4-27th, $75.

Register with a friend NEW to the program for $135


As always, financial assistance/scholarships offered if needed.

Contact sherry@flyyogamv.com with any questions.


"My studies with Sherry were view-altering and eye-opening! With her guidance, I uncovered my true compassionate, loving, accepting, understanding, confident self. Sherry is the force behind that. She holds a space to allow that uncovering to happen in each and every student. She is present, faithful, devoted, strong, uplifting, honest, accountable, and most of all, loving. She leads and teaches with knowledge, letting the students explore and feel things, however they come out. She lets, and that's so important." 
Lianna Ankney  

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