The Mentorship & Independent Project is a one on one mentorship program with Sherry to hone in on and skills to develop for your teaching career. 

The project will begin with a Zoom session and communications regarding your project of interest and details of our mentorship; followed by five additional one on one sessions, typically once or twice monthly, depending on the specifics of the project. 
As part of the mentorship you’ll be asked to record and share video recordings of your teaching for feedback as well as reading/written assignments and even some possible local workshops or training hours in your field of study.
You and Sherry will be in steady communications about your project and progress, adjusting as we go.This would include some direct observations and feedback of your teaching, relevant to your goals.
The Independent Project mentorship will wrap up with a final project, which may be in the form of a new class or yoga program, written project or video. 
Depending on progress and sessions scheduled, the mentorship independent project will take between three and six months to complete.
The cost is $2,500 and starting anytime.


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"This mentorship experience was and still is a deeply satisfying journey. Many events, creations, and questions will continue to arise over many months, maybe even years, that stem from this experience. I feel well prepared and ready for continued action towards what I seek. The mentorship has ended, but in a way it's an ongoing connection.  Sherry's very essence and the way that she teaches and the teachings she offers are a doorway open to the honest seeker.  I am forever grateful for this time with Sherry."

Lianna Ankney, Yoga teacher and musician