200 Hour Program


Group Yoga Practice and Reflections

Daily Group Practices and Reflections

FLY Yoga School Core Philosophy

Sadhana and Self‐Practice

Motivations and Variations in Yoga Practices: 

Individualizing the practice 


Group Practice as the Lab for Learning to Share


Postures, Alignment and Sequencing


Yoga Asanas: Context, Meaning, Align

Influencers in Movement and Alignment

The Four Directions of Effort in a Pose


Cultivating Ease within a Pose

General Principles in Asana Alignment: Stacking to a Pose

Sequencing: Krama Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha,Yin, Restorative 


Adaptive Yoga, Variations, Modifications, Props


Anatomy and Body Wisdom through the 5 Koshas


Pancha Koshas


Gross Anatomy: from Birth to Walking

Gross Anatomy: the Spine and Movement

Gross Anatomy: Major Synovial Joints of the Body & Planes of Movement in Space

Gross Anatomy: Tension, Compression, Proportion and What Stops Us in Poses

Psoas Muscle through the Five Bodies


Subtle Body Anatomy: Pranayama & Meditation

Subtle Body Anatomy: Nadis, Marmas, Chakras, Bandhas, Mudra, Mantra

Anatomy of Fear & Freedom: Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Systems


Anatomy of Intuition, High Intellect and the Soul


Teaching Skills and

Authentic Sharing

Taking the Seat of the Teacher & Your Voice

Student & Teacher Dynamics


Pedagogy & Learning Styles


Whats My Why? Personal Teaching Philosophy 

The Art of Assisting, Seeing & Feeling Energy and Consent 

Developing a Class Journey

and Creative Teaching

Teaching Privates, Workshops and Retreats

Adaptive and Inclusive Teaching Methodology

Yoga Outreach

The Business of Yoga

Practice Teaching


Yoga Philosophy, Psychology and Yoga of Life

The Five Pointed Star of Yoga: Hatha, Jhana, Raja, Karma, Bhakti

The Tantric Pathway

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras & the 8 Limbed Path


Bhagavad Gita


Iyengar Light on Life

Clearing What Clouds the Heartmind: Yoga Psychology

Karma/Dharma/Lila & 

Free Will

Mantra and Chant


The Gods and Goddesses