Five weekly ONLINE Live Yin + Soul Flow classes

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Recorded Yin classes with MV Yoga Barn

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Yin Yoga and Soul Flow Classes


Lean in. And in. In this class we start with kriyas to get our breath and body warmed; then settling towards longer holding Yin Postures for a meditative, healing journey inward. All levels


Soul Flow
Moderately paced Vinyasa and breath work with a soulful intention. All levels

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"My studies with Sherry were view-altering and eye-opening! With her guidance, I uncovered my true compassionate, loving, accepting, understanding, confident self. Sherry is the force behind that. She holds a space to allow that uncovering to happen in each and every student. She is present, faithful, devoted, strong, uplifting, honest, accountable, and most of all, loving. She leads and teaches with knowledge, letting the students explore and feel things, however they come out. She lets, and that's so important." 
Lianna Ankney  

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