Hatha Vinyasa

The yoga poses serve as miniature life experiences in a shape. Inside each posture, we see ourselves and how we react or respond to daily living. 

In this  steady & moderate paced flow, we will bring together our physical, energetic, mental, emotional and intuitive bodies into alignment, so that we may yoke, or unify, our heart with the choices we make on and off the mat. All levels welcome.

Slow Flow + Yin 
Lean in. And in. And in. In this practice we will begin with a slower paced practice to get our breath and body warmed and settle in to longer holding Yin Postures for the later half of the practice.
Yoga Devotion
Combining asana, dynamic meditation, chanting, pranayama, and self-soul-exploration, great music and liberation, we'll weave the teachings of Bhakti Yoga, Shamanism, Tantra, Yoga Philosophy, Song, Dance, Laughter and fullness into a Celebration!
Dock Yoga
The best early morning Vinyasa flow; wake up on the water, with open sky, the sunrise, fish jumping and the hum of the first ferry boat leaving the port. 
Healthy Psoas
In this movement based class focusing on this bio-intelligent muscles in the body, the psoas. Harmonize from within, and bring a new vibrancy into our being by toning and juicing and learning how to release tension held here so we sit, stand, walk and move more comfortably.
Vinyasa ALIGN
The word Vinyasa means “to place with special care”. In this hour long practice we will scratch the group class “one size fits all” approach and carefully build our practice towards a peak posture-- allowing each person to find their way, along the way, to the variation that is best for every person in the room. All levels, shapes, and styles welcome. 
The Path of the Devotional Warrior(ess): Bhakti Yoga
Yoga Devotion Master Class (2 hours)
Clearing What Clouds the Heartmind (2.5 hours)
Transfer the Transformation (2.5 hours)
Tracking & Hunting Our Psycho-Physical Experiences
Yin Yoga Master Class (2 hours) 
The Psoas Part One: Location & Function of the Muscle of the Soul (2-2.5 hours)
Psoas Part Two: Taking the Conversation Deeper: Emotions & Spirituality (2.5-3 hours) 
ROOT (2-2.5 hours)
OPEN (2-2.5 hours)
RISE (2-2.5 hours)
Skill in Action
Self-Sufficient Yoga (2 hours)
Variations and Motivations in our Practice (2-3 hours)
Mind-Body Alignment and the Dance of Effort & Ease
The Five Pointed Star of Yoga: The Many Paths to the One Whole (2-3 hours)
Continuing Educational/Teachers Training Modules